set_table_long Subroutine

private subroutine set_table_long(val, L, thandle, key, pos)

Put a long integer value into a table.


integer(kind=long_k), intent(in) :: val

Value of the table entry if it exists.

type(flu_State) :: L

Handle to the Lua script.

integer, intent(in) :: thandle

Handle to the table to look the value up in.

character(len=*), intent(in), optional :: key

Name of the entry to look for.

Key and pos are both optional, however at least one of them has to be supplied. The key takes precedence over the pos if both are given.

integer, intent(in), optional :: pos

Position of the entry to look for in the table.

It allows the access to unnamed arrays in the Lua tables.


proc~~set_table_long~~CallsGraph proc~set_table_long set_table_long proc~flu_setfield flu_setfield proc~set_table_long->proc~flu_setfield interface~flu_pushinteger flu_pushinteger proc~set_table_long->interface~flu_pushinteger proc~flu_settable flu_settable proc~set_table_long->proc~flu_settable interface~lua_setfield lua_setfield proc~flu_setfield->interface~lua_setfield proc~flu_pushint flu_pushint interface~flu_pushinteger->proc~flu_pushint proc~flu_pushlong flu_pushlong interface~flu_pushinteger->proc~flu_pushlong interface~lua_settable lua_settable proc~flu_settable->interface~lua_settable interface~lua_pushinteger lua_pushinteger proc~flu_pushint->interface~lua_pushinteger proc~flu_pushlong->interface~lua_pushinteger

Called by

proc~~set_table_long~~CalledByGraph proc~set_table_long set_table_long interface~aot_table_set_val aot_table_set_val interface~aot_table_set_val->proc~set_table_long