get_fNeqFac_c2f Function

public pure function get_fNeqFac_c2f(omegaC, omegaF, sFac) result(fac)

Calculate fNeq scale factor from coarse level to(2) fine level. Such scale make sure continuuity of strain rate and shear stress over levels. To achive equal strain rate, we want: fNeq_c * omega_c / dt_c = fNeq_f * omega_f / dt_f rearrange this, we get: fNeq_f = fNeq_c * ( omega_c / omega_f ) * ( dt_f / dt_c ) dt_f/dt_c is strain rate from coarse to fine scale factor (i.e. sFac)

This function can be used converting fNeq_c to fNeq_f, such as fill fine from coarse interpolation routines. How to use this function: sFac = physics%sfac( coarseLevel, fineLevel ) fNeq_f = fNeq_c * fNeqFac( omega_c, omega_f, sFac )


real(kind=rk), intent(in) :: omegaC

omega on fine and coarse level

real(kind=rk), intent(in) :: omegaF

omega on fine and coarse level

real(kind=rk), intent(in) :: sFac

strain rate scaling factor that from fine to coarse

Return Value real(kind=rk)

Called by

proc~~get_fneqfac_c2f~~CalledByGraph proc~get_fneqfac_c2f get_fNeqFac_c2f proc~fillfinerghostsfromme_linearincomp_2d fillFinerGhostsFromMe_linearIncomp_2D proc~fillfinerghostsfromme_linearincomp_2d->proc~get_fneqfac_c2f proc~fillfiner_compactd3q27 fillFiner_compactD3Q27 proc~fillfiner_compactd3q27->proc~get_fneqfac_c2f