mus_intp_getNonEqScalingFacs Function

public pure function mus_intp_getNonEqScalingFacs(schemeHeader, viscOmegaSRC, viscOmegaTGT, bulkOmegaSRC, bulkOmegaTGT, scaleFac, QQ) result(nonEqScalingFacs)

This function returns scaling factor for nonequilibrium moments for transformation from coarser to finer elements and vice versa. To get scaling factor to convert fine to coarse, scaleFac = 2.0 and to convert coarse to fine, scaleFac = 0.5. The order of return fac must be consistent with transformation matrix used in compute kernels


type(mus_scheme_header_type), intent(in) :: schemeHeader
real(kind=rk), intent(in) :: viscOmegaSRC

source viscosity omega

real(kind=rk), intent(in) :: viscOmegaTGT

target viscosity omega

real(kind=rk), intent(in) :: bulkOmegaSRC

source bulk viscosity omega

real(kind=rk), intent(in) :: bulkOmegaTGT

target bulk viscosity omega

real(kind=rk), intent(in) :: scaleFac

factor for omega and non-conserved moments

integer, intent(in) :: QQ

number of stencil directions

Return Value real(kind=rk)(QQ)



real(kind=rk), private :: viscFac
real(kind=rk), private :: bulkFac