aot_out_open Subroutine

public subroutine aot_out_open(put_conf, filename, outUnit, indentation, outstat)

Open the file to write to and return a handle (put_conf) to it.

This will overwrite the given file, if it already exists. Either filename of outUnit has to be specified, use outUnit to write to a pre-connected file. If both are given, the file will be opened and connected to a new unit, outUnit is ignored in this case.


type(aot_out_type), intent(out) :: put_conf

Handle for the file

character(len=*), intent(in), optional :: filename

File to open

integer, intent(in), optional :: outUnit

Pre-connected unit to write to

integer, intent(in), optional :: indentation

Spacer per indentation level

integer, intent(out), optional :: outstat

IO status of the open operation for the given filename or an indication whether the given outUnit is actually connected to an open file.

This returns 0 if the the returned unit has properly been properly connected to the file.


proc~~aot_out_open~~CallsGraph proc~aot_out_open aot_out_open proc~newunit newunit proc~aot_out_open->proc~newunit



integer, private :: iError
logical, private :: isOpen