open_config_chunk Subroutine

public subroutine open_config_chunk(L, chunk, ErrCode, ErrString)

Subroutine to load and execute a script given in a string.


type(flu_State) :: L

Handle to the Lua script

character(len=*), intent(in) :: chunk

String with Lua code to load.

integer, intent(out), optional :: ErrCode

Error code returned by Lua during loading or executing the file.

This optional parameter might be used to react on errors in the calling side. If neither ErrCode nor ErrString are given, this subroutine will stop the program execution and print the error message from Lua to the stdout.

character(len=*), intent(out), optional :: ErrString

Obtained error description from the Lua stack.

This optional argument holds the Lua error message in case something went wrong. It can be used to provide some feedback to the user in the calling routine. If neither ErrCode nor ErrString are provided, open_config() will print the error message and stop program execution.


proc~~open_config_chunk~~CallsGraph proc~open_config_chunk open_config_chunk proc~aot_err_handler aot_err_handler proc~open_config_chunk->proc~aot_err_handler proc~flu_isopen flu_isopen proc~open_config_chunk->proc~flu_isopen proc~flu_pcall flu_pcall proc~open_config_chunk->proc~flu_pcall flul_openlibs flul_openlibs proc~open_config_chunk->flul_openlibs flul_loadstring flul_loadstring proc~open_config_chunk->flul_loadstring flul_newstate flul_newstate proc~open_config_chunk->flul_newstate proc~flu_tolstring flu_tolstring proc~aot_err_handler->proc~flu_tolstring interface~lua_pcallk lua_pcallk proc~flu_pcall->interface~lua_pcallk interface~lua_tolstring lua_tolstring proc~flu_tolstring->interface~lua_tolstring



integer, private :: err