convPrePost Function

public pure function convPrePost(omega) result(conv)

Conversion factor betwen the pre- and post-collision quantity for the shear stress.

Shear stress calculation requires the non-equilibirium value of pdf before collision. However that value not may be accessable directly when PULL scheme is uitilized, as only pdf after collision is available. So this conversion factor is introduced to help recover fNeq before collision from fNeq after collision as long as relaxation parameter (omage) does not equal to 1.0. When omage equals to 1, this conversion factor is set to be 0.

How to use this pre-factor?

  shearstress = convPrePost(omega) * omega * cs2inv * shearLB_postColl


real(kind=rk), intent(in) :: omega

Return Value real(kind=rk)

Called by

proc~~convprepost~~CalledByGraph proc~convprepost convPrePost proc~mus_deriveelectricfield mus_deriveElectricField proc~mus_deriveelectricfield->proc~convprepost proc~getneq_acoustic getNEq_acoustic proc~getneq_acoustic->proc~convprepost proc~getneq_diffusive getNEq_diffusive proc~getneq_diffusive->proc~convprepost proc~mus_init_pdf mus_init_pdf proc~mus_init_pdf->proc~getneq_acoustic proc~mus_init_pdf->proc~getneq_diffusive proc~mus_init_byic mus_init_byIC proc~mus_init_byic->proc~mus_init_pdf proc~mus_init_flow mus_init_flow proc~mus_init_flow->proc~mus_init_byic