tem_positioninsorted Interface

private interface tem_positioninsorted


interface~~tem_positioninsorted~2~~CallsGraph interface~tem_positioninsorted~2 tem_positioninsorted proc~tem_positioninsorted_int tem_positioninsorted_int interface~tem_positioninsorted~2->proc~tem_positioninsorted_int


Module Procedures

private function tem_positioninsorted_int(me, val, lower, upper) result(pos)

return the position of a value in 'me', which is an array with sorted entries. if the value was not found, - return 0 if nextifnotfound = .false. - return position at the end if nextifnotfound = .true.


integer(kind=int_k), intent(in) :: me(:)

array to search in

integer(kind=int_k), intent(in) :: val

value to look for

integer, intent(in), optional :: lower

lower search limit

integer, intent(in), optional :: upper

upper search limit

Return Value integer

position of val in the sorted list, 0 if not found