tem_probing_module Module

This module provides some little functionality to easily write data into files for debugging.

It is related to tem_debug_module, but intended for even smaller tasks and specifically for tracking the evolution of values over the runtime.


  • module~~tem_probing_module~~UsesGraph module~tem_probing_module tem_probing_module module~env_module env_module module~tem_probing_module->module~env_module module~aotus_module aotus_module module~env_module->module~aotus_module module~flu_binding flu_binding module~env_module->module~flu_binding iso_fortran_env iso_fortran_env module~env_module->iso_fortran_env mpi mpi module~env_module->mpi



public subroutine tem_probing_delete(filename)

Delete the file with the given name.

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character(len=*) :: filename

Name of the file to delete.

public subroutine tem_probing_write(filename, label, dat)

Write an array of reals into a file of the given name.


character(len=*), intent(in) :: filename

Name of the file to write the data to. If the file already exists, the data will be appended.

character(len=*), intent(in) :: label

Label to identify the point in the program execution, where the data was written.

real(kind=rk), intent(in) :: dat(:)

Data to write to the file