tem_property_module Module

Module to describe additional elmental properties, like boundary conditions.

Every element in the octree structure can be assigned several properties. The description of the properties is kept abstract, such that very different properties can be assigned to elements in a similar manner. As 64 bits are available to describe additional properties, we could attach 64 different kinds of data to each element and each one combinable with all other properties. The most important data that has to be attached to elements in nearly every mesh are the boundary conditions in tem_bc_module, others are for example vertex displacements in tem_vrtx_module and regional influences. As the boundary conditions are such a basic part of the general mesh description, we present their property implementation exemplary in more detail. Each property is indicated by a bit in the property bit-mask. Which bit is attached to what kind of property is defined in the header file. The property might then be linked to further information stored in additional files. See tem_bc_module for details of the boundary implementation.

The amount and kind of additional data that might be attached to the elements by the properties is arbitrary and could involve several more indirections. For example an additional non-elemental file is typically required to describe vertex displacements of elements. Thus for elements, where the vertices should be moved, there is an elemental list of integers indicating which vertices to use for the eight corners of the element. The actual coordinates are stored in a separate file with the coordinates for each vertex.

Properties forseen at the moment:

  • Boundary Conditions (direct, second, third neighbors)
  • Deformed Elements
  • Changed Element type (tetrahedrons, prism, pyramid)

deallocate the property and header lists accordingly.


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Used by

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integer, public, parameter:: prp_fluid =1

Element properties Must be smaller than 64, because the respective bits will be set fluid

integer, public, parameter:: prp_solid =2


integer, public, parameter:: prp_hasBnd =3

The element has boundaries. closer defined in the property module

integer, public, parameter:: prp_defElems =4

deformed Elements

integer, public, parameter:: prp_chgElems =5

changed Elements This is now used for adaptive refinement

integer, public, parameter:: prp_fluidify =6

Fluidifiable Elements

integer, public, parameter:: prp_vrtx =7

vertex information

integer, public, parameter:: prp_hasQVal =8

has qVal elements

integer, public, parameter:: prp_hasIBM =9

the element is a parent element of one or more surface data points

integer, public, parameter:: prp_hasRemoteNgh =10

element has a remote neighbor

integer, public, parameter:: prp_sendHalo =12

is this a fluid element which needs to be send to an attached proc

integer, public, parameter:: prp_noSolidification =13

Solidification is not allowed for this element.

integer, public, parameter:: prp_requireFullNeighborhood =20

the complete neighborhood is required for this element

integer, public, parameter:: prp_fineGhostClosestToFluid =25

indicates whether this fine ghost cell is the closest to the fluid cell

integer, public, parameter:: prp_isColored =30

Indicate if the element has some coloring attached to it.

integer, public, parameter:: prp_hasPolynomial =31

This bit indicates wether the color in the element is further resolved by polynomial information.

integer, public, parameter:: prp_particle =32

Derived Types

type, public :: tem_property_type

An auxilary data type to describe modifications and additional features for some elements.


integer, private :: nElems

Number of local elements with this property

integer(kind=long_k), private :: Offset

Offset of the local chunk of elements with this property in the list of all elements with that properties on disk

integer, private, allocatable:: ElemID(:)

The indices of elements in the local partition, that have this property.


public subroutine init_propertylist(header, property, nproperties)

Defines how many properties there are.

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type(tem_prophead_type), pointer:: header(:)
type(tem_property_type), pointer:: property(:)
integer, intent(in) :: nproperties

public subroutine destroy_propertylist(header, property)


type(tem_prophead_type), pointer:: header(:)
type(tem_property_type), pointer:: property(:)

public subroutine gather_property(Property, Header, BitField, comm)

Gather the informations on a property from the bit fields of all elements


type(tem_property_type), intent(out) :: Property

Property to gather

type(tem_prophead_type), intent(in) :: Header

Header for this property

integer(kind=long_k), intent(in) :: BitField(:)

The BitField for the properties of all local elements

integer, intent(in) :: comm

Communicator to act on