tem_revision_module Module

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character(len=13), public, parameter:: tem_solver_revision ='5cdaafb19cde'

The HG revision of the application used for this executable.

character(len=32), public, parameter:: tem_FC_name ='GFORTRAN'

Name of the compiler.

character(len=32), public, parameter:: tem_FC_command ='mpif90'

The compilation command that was used to build this executable.

character(len=32), public, parameter:: tem_FC_version ='9.4.0'

The version of the Fortran compiler used in the compilation of this executable.

integer, public, parameter:: tem_FC_nFlagLines =1

Number of lines needed to represent the compiler flags

character(len=72), public, parameter:: tem_FC_flags(tem_FC_nFlagLines) =['-O3 -march=native -Wall -Wno-maybe-uninitialized -Werror                ']

The Fortran compiler flags used to compile this executable.

character(len=10), public, parameter:: tem_build_date ='2023-02-14'

The date when this executable was built.