append_da_path Subroutine

public subroutine append_da_path(me, val, length, pos, wasadded)

appending a value to the dynamic array

with this subroutine, a given value can be added to the dynamic array. the actual position of this value in the dynamic array will be returned, so it can be found again easily later. with the wasadded flag, it is indicated,\n wasadded = true, if this entry had to be added,\n wasadded = false, if this was already found in the array.


type(dyn_patharray_type) :: me
type(tem_path_type), intent(in) :: val
integer, intent(in), optional :: length

optional length to expand the array

integer, intent(out), optional :: pos

position in the array, if the value is found

logical, intent(out), optional :: wasadded

flag to indicate, if val was newly added


proc~~append_da_path~~CallsGraph proc~append_da_path append_da_path interface~expand~20 expand proc~append_da_path->interface~expand~20 interface~sortedposofval~5 sortedposofval proc~append_da_path->interface~sortedposofval~5 proc~expand_da_path expand_da_path interface~expand~20->proc~expand_da_path proc~sortposofval_path sortposofval_path interface~sortedposofval~5->proc~sortposofval_path

Called by

proc~~append_da_path~~CalledByGraph proc~append_da_path append_da_path interface~append~23 append interface~append~23->proc~append_da_path proc~sorttruncate_da_path sorttruncate_da_path proc~sorttruncate_da_path->interface~append~23 interface~sorttruncate~5 sorttruncate interface~sorttruncate~5->proc~sorttruncate_da_path



integer, public :: foundpos
integer, public :: i