tem_isRecvFace Function

private pure function tem_isRecvFace(facePos, faces) result(isRecvFace)

for the a given face before the compute step. Since face data


integer, intent(in) :: facePos

The position of the face in faces to be checked.

type(tem_face_descriptor_type), intent(in) :: faces

The description of the faces.

Return Value integer

Returns 0 if no information has to be received from remote ranks before a compute step can be done. In case that information has to be received it will return a non-zero positive value. Furhtermore, it determines whether information for the left face value (left adjacent element) or the right face value (right adjacent element) has to be received. In the first case it will return tem_left and in the second case it will return tem_right. If something went wrong, e.g. an unknown combination occurs, it will return -1.

Called by

proc~~tem_isrecvface~~CalledByGraph proc~tem_isrecvface tem_isRecvFace proc~tem_build_facerecvbuffers tem_build_faceRecvBuffers proc~tem_build_facerecvbuffers->proc~tem_isrecvface proc~tem_build_facebuffers tem_build_faceBuffers proc~tem_build_facebuffers->proc~tem_build_facerecvbuffers proc~tem_build_face_info tem_build_face_info proc~tem_build_face_info->proc~tem_build_facebuffers proc~check_serial_multilevel_facedesc check_serial_multilevel_faceDesc proc~check_serial_multilevel_facedesc->proc~tem_build_face_info proc~check_parallel_singlelevel_facedesc check_parallel_singlelevel_faceDesc proc~check_parallel_singlelevel_facedesc->proc~tem_build_face_info proc~check_serial_singlelevel_facedesc check_serial_singlelevel_faceDesc proc~check_serial_singlelevel_facedesc->proc~tem_build_face_info



integer, private :: leftPrp
integer, private :: rightPrp