tem_open_bc Subroutine

public subroutine tem_open_bc(label, bc_table, conf, thandle)

This subroutine looks for a given label in the given boundary conditions table, and returns the according table handle. Note, that this should usually not be necessary, as the number of the header is given by the ordering in the bc_header_type, and you can use the desired position directly to look up a specific bc in the configuration script.


character(len=LabelLen), intent(in) :: label

The label to look for

integer, intent(in) :: bc_table

Handle to the boundary_condition table, to look in

type(flu_State) :: conf

Handle of the Lua script to use

integer, intent(out) :: thandle

Returned handle of to the entry providing the requested label


proc~~tem_open_bc~~CallsGraph proc~tem_open_bc tem_open_bc proc~aot_table_length aot_table_length proc~tem_open_bc->proc~aot_table_length interface~aot_get_val aot_get_val proc~tem_open_bc->interface~aot_get_val proc~aot_table_close aot_table_close proc~tem_open_bc->proc~aot_table_close proc~aot_table_open aot_table_open proc~tem_open_bc->proc~aot_table_open



character(len=LabelLen), private :: bc_name
integer, private :: myHandle
integer, private :: iBC
integer, private :: iError
integer, private :: nBCs