tem_read_stlb Subroutine

public subroutine tem_read_stlb(filename, nNodesRead, nTrisRead, nodes, tri_node, iError)

This routine actually reads the data (points, triangles, normals) from the binary file and stores them.


character(len=PathLen), intent(in) :: filename

name of the binary stl file

integer, intent(in) :: nNodesRead

Number of nodes read from the file header, to compare against the actual number of nodes read

integer, intent(in) :: nTrisRead

Number of triangles read from the file header, to compare against the actual number of triangles read

real(kind=rk), intent(out) :: nodes(:,:)

point coordinates read from the stl-file size: 3, nPoints_total

integer, intent(out) :: tri_node(:,:)

connectivity array for the triangles size: 3, nTriangles_total

integer, intent(out) :: iError

error while openeing the file, or if the number of nodes/trias do not match to the ones read from the header (if error -> iError > 0)


proc~~tem_read_stlb~~CallsGraph proc~tem_read_stlb tem_read_stlb proc~tem_open tem_open proc~tem_read_stlb->proc~tem_open proc~upper_to_lower upper_to_lower proc~tem_open->proc~upper_to_lower proc~newunit newunit proc~tem_open->proc~newunit proc~tem_abort tem_abort proc~tem_open->proc~tem_abort mpi_abort mpi_abort proc~tem_abort->mpi_abort

Called by

proc~~tem_read_stlb~~CalledByGraph proc~tem_read_stlb tem_read_stlb proc~tem_readandunify_surfdata tem_readAndUnify_surfData proc~tem_readandunify_surfdata->proc~tem_read_stlb proc~tem_read_stlfiles tem_read_stlFiles proc~tem_read_stlfiles->proc~tem_read_stlb proc~tem_load_stl tem_load_stl proc~tem_load_stl->proc~tem_read_stlfiles proc~tem_load_shape_single tem_load_shape_single proc~tem_load_shape_single->proc~tem_load_stl interface~tem_load_shape tem_load_shape interface~tem_load_shape->proc~tem_load_shape_single proc~tem_load_shapes tem_load_shapes proc~tem_load_shapes->proc~tem_load_shape_single



real(kind=single_k), private :: temp(3)
character(len=80), private :: header
character(len=2), private :: attribute
integer, private :: nTriangles
integer, private :: stlUnit
integer, private :: i
integer, private :: nNodes
integer, private :: nTris