tem_stop_file_exists Function

public function tem_stop_file_exists(abortCriteria, rank) result(sf_exists)

Check if the stop file exists.

The check is only done by the root process and only if the stop_file setting is not empty. If the stop file exists, but is empty it is deleted after probing its existence. Non-empty files are kept. Thus, you can create a stop file that is to be deleted upon encountering with: touch stop While one, that should be kept can be created by: echo keep > stop


type(tem_abortCriteria_type), intent(in) :: abortCriteria

Abort criteria settings to use in this check for a stop file.

integer, intent(in) :: rank

Rank of the probing process, only rank==0 actually checks for the file.

Return Value logical

Result that indicates, if the stop files exists.


proc~~tem_stop_file_exists~~CallsGraph proc~tem_stop_file_exists tem_stop_file_exists proc~newunit newunit proc~tem_stop_file_exists->proc~newunit

Called by

proc~~tem_stop_file_exists~~CalledByGraph proc~tem_stop_file_exists tem_stop_file_exists proc~tem_simcontrol_syncupdate tem_simControl_syncUpdate proc~tem_simcontrol_syncupdate->proc~tem_stop_file_exists



integer, private :: fu
integer, private :: ios
character(len=labelLen), private :: probe