tem_time_advance Subroutine

public subroutine tem_time_advance(me, sim_dt, iter)

Advance the time definition.

Advance the time object by the given simulation time difference. Optionally, iterations might be advanced by more than one. If iter is not provided, iterations will be advanced by one. The running time is always automatically updated using MPI_Wtime. \note This is only valid, if me has been properly set by tem_time_reset!


type(tem_time_type), intent(inout) :: me

Time definition to advance

real(kind=rk) :: sim_dt

Increment in simulation time to add

integer, optional :: iter

If the number of iterations should not be increased by one, this optional parameter can be used to define the increment for the iterations. Default: 1.


proc~~tem_time_advance~~CallsGraph proc~tem_time_advance tem_time_advance mpi_wtime mpi_wtime proc~tem_time_advance->mpi_wtime

Called by

proc~~tem_time_advance~~CalledByGraph proc~tem_time_advance tem_time_advance proc~tem_simcontrol_syncupdate tem_simControl_syncUpdate proc~tem_simcontrol_syncupdate->proc~tem_time_advance



integer, private :: iter_inc