depSource_type Derived Type

type, public :: depSource_type

Type to specify the dependencies of ghost and halo cells. E.g.: used to specify which cells have to be known to be able to interpolate a ghost/halo cell


type~~depsource_type~~InheritsGraph type~depsource_type depSource_type type~grw_intarray_type grw_intarray_type type~depsource_type->type~grw_intarray_type elem, elemBuffer

Inherited by

type~~depsource_type~~InheritedByGraph type~depsource_type depSource_type type~tem_leveldesc_type tem_levelDesc_type type~tem_leveldesc_type->type~depsource_type depFromFiner, depFromCoarser type~tem_face_type tem_face_type type~tem_face_type->type~tem_leveldesc_type dimByDimDesc



integer, private :: dependencyLevel =-1

the source level, from where the current ghost element gets the source elements for the interpolation

type(grw_intarray_type), private :: elem

position of the source elements in the totalList

type(grw_intarray_type), private :: elemBuffer

position of the source elements in the all source elements list i.e. levelDesc( targetLevel )%sourceFromCoarser

real(kind=rk), private, allocatable:: weight(:)

Interpolation weight for each source element specified above

real(kind=rk), private :: coord(3)
integer, private :: childNum
integer, private :: posInIntpMatLSF

Pointer to array of interpolation matrix calculated from available sources