tem_bc_state_type Derived Type

type, public :: tem_bc_state_type

boundary state type definition for boundary state variable

State variables like density, velocityX can be constant, temporal, spatial, dirichlet/neumann. res = f(x,y,z)*g(t) or res = f(x,y,z,t)


type~~tem_bc_state_type~~InheritsGraph type~tem_bc_state_type tem_bc_state_type type~tem_indexlvl_type tem_indexLvl_type type~tem_bc_state_type->type~tem_indexlvl_type pntIndex type~grw_intarray_type grw_intarray_type type~tem_indexlvl_type->type~grw_intarray_type indexLvl



character(len=LabelLen), private :: state_name

Name of the state, this boundary condition applies to

character(len=LabelLen), private :: style

Style of this boundary condition dirichlet = set value itself neumann = set derivative of value

integer, private :: nComponents

Number of Components in this boundary variable.

logical, private :: isDefined

A flag to indicate that the state is properly defined

integer, private :: varPos

Position of variable defined for the state_name in the varSys

type(tem_indexLvl_type), private :: pntIndex

Indices for points on the boundary, required for setup_index, getvalof_Index