tem_faceDep_type Derived Type

type, private :: tem_faceDep_type

Datatype to represent dependencies (in up- and downward direction) of the faces in a TREELM mesh. We only store face dependencies between the two adjacent refinement levels (i.e. vertical dependencies consider only a refinement level jump of 1 in both refinement directions).

Inherited by

type~~tem_facedep_type~~InheritedByGraph type~tem_facedep_type tem_faceDep_type type~tem_face_descriptor_type tem_face_descriptor_type type~tem_face_descriptor_type->type~tem_facedep_type faceDep type~tem_face_type tem_face_type type~tem_face_type->type~tem_face_descriptor_type faces



integer(kind=long_k), private, allocatable:: parentFaceId(:)

integer, private, allocatable:: parentFacePos(:)

The parent elements position in the face description of the next coarser level. If any element does not have a parent face this array will hold a -1 entry at its position.

integer(kind=long_k), private, allocatable:: childFaceId(:,:)

The downwards (current level -> finer level) facial dependencies. The size of this array is 4 (as we have 4 child faces) and the number of faces on the current level. If a face does not have/require child faces its entries are set to -1.

integer(kind=long_k), private, allocatable:: childFaceIdOp(:,:)
integer, private, allocatable:: childFacePos(:,:)

The child element positions in the face desciption of the next finer level. If any element does not have child faces, its entries will be set to -1.

integer, private, allocatable:: childFacePosOp(:,:)