tem_faceInterpolation_type Derived Type

type, private :: tem_faceInterpolation_type

Container to store the face that require interpolations.

Inherited by

type~~tem_faceinterpolation_type~~InheritedByGraph type~tem_faceinterpolation_type tem_faceInterpolation_type type~tem_face_descriptor_type tem_face_descriptor_type type~tem_face_descriptor_type->type~tem_faceinterpolation_type fromFinerFace type~tem_face_type tem_face_type type~tem_face_type->type~tem_face_descriptor_type faces



integer, private, allocatable:: elemPos(:)

The element position. Since interpolations are done facewise (left or right) we only need one element position here.

integer, private, allocatable:: childPos(:,:)

The element positions of the finer child elements. As a face has exactly 4 children the first dimension is 4. The second dimension is the number of faces in this container.

integer, private, allocatable:: elemPosOp(:)

The element position opposite to the refined face. E.g. if the left element is refined, the right face of the left element position is stored here.

integer, private, allocatable:: childPosOp(:,:)

The child element positions opposite to the refined face.

integer, private, allocatable:: facePos(:)

Position of the face in the face description.