tem_haloList_type Derived Type

type, public :: tem_haloList_type

Data structure to store the halo elements according to the partner process with which they need to be exchanged.

Partner processes are identified by their number (rank+1), and stored in a dynamic array of integers (partnerProc). For each partnerProc there is a dynamic array of halo element ids, stored in a growing array of dynamic integer arrays (halos).


type~~tem_halolist_type~~InheritsGraph type~tem_halolist_type tem_haloList_type type~grw_dynintarray_type grw_dynintarray_type type~tem_halolist_type->type~grw_dynintarray_type halos type~dyn_intarray_type dyn_intarray_type type~tem_halolist_type->type~dyn_intarray_type partnerProc type~grw_dynintarray_type->type~dyn_intarray_type val

Inherited by

type~~tem_halolist_type~~InheritedByGraph type~tem_halolist_type tem_haloList_type type~tem_leveldesc_type tem_levelDesc_type type~tem_leveldesc_type->type~tem_halolist_type haloList type~tem_face_type tem_face_type type~tem_face_type->type~tem_leveldesc_type dimByDimDesc



type(dyn_intarray_type), private :: partnerProc

Process numbers (rank+1) of partner processes

type(grw_dynintarray_type), private :: halos

List of my halo elements, which I request from partnerProc.

The growing array follows the same ordering as the partnerProc list.