tem_neighbor_type Derived Type

type, public :: tem_neighbor_type

type neighbor_type includes the direct neighbors of each tree ID


type~~tem_neighbor_type~~InheritsGraph type~tem_neighbor_type tem_neighbor_type type~tem_direction_type tem_direction_type type~tem_neighbor_type->type~tem_direction_type dir type~tem_longlist tem_longList type~tem_direction_type->type~tem_longlist first type~tem_longlist->type~tem_longlist next



integer, private :: nNeighborDirections

number of directions in which the neighbors are located e.g. for cubes and surface neighbors this will be 6 and for cubes with surface, edge and vertex neighbors this will be 22 because stencils will be mapped by this type as well, we are not able to use it as a constant directions for this neighbor JZ: in case of reconstructed DG this has to be extended to all JZ: cells inside the stencil

type(tem_direction_type), private, allocatable:: dir(:)