tem_output_type Derived Type

type, public :: tem_output_type

Detailed information about output


type~~tem_output_type~~InheritsGraph type~tem_output_type tem_output_type type~tem_timecontrol_type tem_timeControl_type type~tem_output_type->type~tem_timecontrol_type timeControl type~tem_time_type tem_time_type type~tem_timecontrol_type->type~tem_time_type min, max, interval, trigger



logical, private :: active =.false.

is this output object active?

logical, private :: vtk_bin =.true.

is the output format vtk binary? MH: This is not very well defined here.

logical, private :: vertex =.false.

logical for cell based vtk out or not

character(len=40), private :: filename

output file name

character(len=256), private :: folder

output folder name

type(tem_timeControl_type), private :: timeControl

stores time control parameters

character(len=40), private :: fileformat


logical, private :: shearstress =.false.

additional quantity to dump

logical, private :: wss =.false.
logical, private :: dumpHalos =.false.

also write out the halo elements

logical, private :: dumpGhosts =.false.

also write out the ghost elements

logical, private :: format_ascii =.false.

write out in ascii format