tem_surfData_type Derived Type

type, public :: tem_surfData_type

Datatype to store the surface information in. The surface data consists of an array of unique points (XYZ coordinates) and their connectivity list (triangles).


type~~tem_surfdata_type~~InheritsGraph type~tem_surfdata_type tem_surfData_type type~tem_parentids_type tem_parentIDs_type type~tem_surfdata_type->type~tem_parentids_type parentIDs type~tem_surfacedata_stlhead_type tem_surfaceData_stlHead_type type~tem_surfdata_type->type~tem_surfacedata_stlhead_type stlHead type~tem_timecontrol_type tem_timeControl_type type~tem_surfdata_type->type~tem_timecontrol_type timeControl type~tem_time_type tem_time_type type~tem_timecontrol_type->type~tem_time_type min, max, interval, trigger



type(tem_surfaceData_stlHead_type), private, allocatable:: stlHead(:)

data (filename) for the surface data header

character(len=PathLen), private :: outprefix

output prefix

logical, private :: dumpForce

dump min and max force to a seperate file (debug output)

type(tem_timeControl_type), private :: timeControl

time control type for controlling the dumping of the stl file

integer, private :: nUniquePoints_total

number of unique point coordinates

real(kind=rk), private, allocatable:: pointCoords(:)

linearized array of point coordinates (X,Y,Z) the coordinates are stored one after another --------------------------- | X1,Y1,Z1, ... , Xn,Yn,Zn| --------------------------- size: 3*nUniquePoints_total

real(kind=rk), private, allocatable:: surfArea(:)

array of surface areas attached to this point

type(tem_parentIDs_type), private, allocatable:: parentIDs(:)

array of levelwise pointers to the parent eulerian elements of the lagrangian points in the levelDesc (size: nLevels)

integer, private, allocatable:: trias(:,:)

connectivity array of the points size: 3, nTrias

integer, private :: nTrias

total number of triangles stored

real(kind=rk), private, allocatable:: backPointCoords(:)

backup for linearized array of point coordinates (X,Y,Z) needed for defining offsets based on the initial position the coordinates are stored one after another --------------------------- | X1,Y1,Z1, ... , Xn,Yn,Zn| --------------------------- size: 3*nUniquePoints_total