tem_timer_type Derived Type

type, public :: tem_timer_type


type~~tem_timer_type~~InheritsGraph type~tem_timer_type tem_timer_type type~grw_realarray_type grw_realarray_type type~tem_timer_type->type~grw_realarray_type tStart, duration type~grw_logicalarray_type grw_logicalarray_type type~tem_timer_type->type~grw_logicalarray_type running

Inherited by

type~~tem_timer_type~~InheritedByGraph type~tem_timer_type tem_timer_type type~tem_labeledtimer_type tem_labeledtimer_type type~tem_labeledtimer_type->type~tem_timer_type timedat


Source Code


Type Visibility Attributes Name Initial
integer, public :: nTimers = 0

Number of timers in this collection

type(grw_realarray_type), public :: tStart

Start timing values

type(grw_logicalarray_type), public :: running

timer running?

type(grw_realarray_type), public :: duration

timing value

Source Code

  type tem_timer_type
    !> Number of timers in this collection
    integer :: nTimers = 0

    !> Start timing values
    type(grw_realArray_type) :: tStart

    !> timer running?
    type(grw_logicalArray_type) :: running

    !> timing value
    type(grw_realArray_type) :: duration
  end type tem_timer_type