tem_timerconfig_type Derived Type

type, public :: tem_timerconfig_type

Configuration of the output for the timers.


type~~tem_timerconfig_type~~InheritsGraph type~tem_timerconfig_type tem_timerconfig_type type~grw_intarray_type grw_intarray_type type~tem_timerconfig_type->type~grw_intarray_type verbosity type~dyn_labelarray_type dyn_labelarray_type type~tem_timerconfig_type->type~dyn_labelarray_type label

Inherited by

type~~tem_timerconfig_type~~InheritedByGraph type~tem_timerconfig_type tem_timerconfig_type type~tem_labeledtimer_type tem_labeledtimer_type type~tem_labeledtimer_type->type~tem_timerconfig_type config



character(len=PathLen), private :: filename =''

Name of the file to write the timings into.

If this is an empty string (the default), no timings will be written.

type(dyn_labelarray_type), private :: label

Label of the timer to apply the verbosity setting to.

type(grw_intarray_type), private :: verbosity

Defines to which detail the corresponding timer with this label should be printed:

  • time_timer_ignored: do not print the timer information at all
  • time_timer_summary: print min, max and sum of the timer over all processes
  • time_timer_details: gather the timings from all processes and print them all for this timer in a separate file

By default a summary will be printed for each timer.