aot_out_val_arr_logical Subroutine

private subroutine aot_out_val_arr_logical(put_conf, val, vname, advance_previous, max_per_line)

This is a vectorized version of the value output.

It takes a one-dimensional array and puts it into a table. The parameters have the usual meanings, as in the scalar routines, however and additional argument (max_per_line) allows the specification of the number of elements that might be put onto a single line. The first entry will be placed into the same line as the opening brace, and the closing brace will be put on the same line, as the last entry.


type(aot_out_type), intent(inout) :: put_conf

Lua script to write the array into.

logical, intent(in) :: val(:)

Actual data to write into the script

character(len=*), intent(in), optional :: vname

Name for this array

logical, intent(in), optional :: advance_previous

Flag if this array should be put on the same line as the last entry of the parent table.

integer, intent(in), optional :: max_per_line

Maximal number of entries to put into a single line. Defaults to 10.


proc~~aot_out_val_arr_logical~~CallsGraph proc~aot_out_val_arr_logical aot_out_val_arr_logical proc~aot_out_close_table aot_out_close_table proc~aot_out_val_arr_logical->proc~aot_out_close_table proc~aot_out_open_table aot_out_open_table proc~aot_out_val_arr_logical->proc~aot_out_open_table interface~aot_out_val~3 aot_out_val proc~aot_out_val_arr_logical->interface~aot_out_val~3 proc~aot_out_breakline aot_out_breakline proc~aot_out_open_table->proc~aot_out_breakline proc~aot_out_val_extdouble aot_out_val_extdouble interface~aot_out_val~3->proc~aot_out_val_extdouble proc~aot_out_val_arr_extdouble aot_out_val_arr_extdouble interface~aot_out_val~3->proc~aot_out_val_arr_extdouble proc~aot_out_val_extdouble->proc~aot_out_breakline proc~aot_out_val_arr_extdouble->proc~aot_out_close_table proc~aot_out_val_arr_extdouble->proc~aot_out_open_table proc~aot_out_val_arr_extdouble->interface~aot_out_val~3

Called by

proc~~aot_out_val_arr_logical~~CalledByGraph proc~aot_out_val_arr_logical aot_out_val_arr_logical interface~aot_out_val aot_out_val interface~aot_out_val->proc~aot_out_val_arr_logical



integer, private :: i
integer, private :: nVals
integer, private :: mpl
logical, private :: bline