Discontinuous Galerkin solver with explicit time stepping.

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(Adaptive Tree based Efficient and Lithe Equation Solver)

Ateles implements a modal/nodal Discontinuous Galerkin scheme on top of TreElm data structures. The dedicated mesh generator Seeder provides the possibility to create meshes for the solver. Various equation systems are supported, each with their dedicated optimized kernel. Ateles uses an explicit time integration.

The solver is configured with the help of Lua scripts. Your simulation setup has to be described in such a script and the name of the script file has to be passed to the solver as its sole command line argument. If no argument is provided, the solver will try to open a file named ateles.lua in the current working directory. Thus, running Ateles takes the following form:

ateles myconfig.lua

To get more information about Ateles and how to use it, please take a look into the Documentation. See especially the Examples there for specific setups for the various supported equation systems.

Downloading Ateles

We use Mercurial (hg), an open source distributed version control system, for the APES projects. To obtain the sources of Ateles, you need to have Mercurial available. Mercurial may be downloaded from the official website or already available through some packaging system for your machine.

Cloning the Ateles repository will also get you the TreElm library as a subrepository in the directory ateles/treelm. Note that you might want to get other supporting tools from the APES framework or the complete framework itself to make use of other solvers for your simulations.

Developer Info

University of Siegen