mus_proc_calcBndForce Abstract Interface

abstract interface

Interface definition for the boundary condition subroutines

private subroutine mus_proc_calcBndForce(me, bndForce, posInBndID, globBC, currState, levelDesc, nSize, iLevel, neigh, layout, nScalars)


class(boundary_type), intent(in) :: me

field boundary type

real(kind=rk), intent(inout) :: bndForce(:,:)

bndForce to fill

integer, intent(in) :: posInBndID(:)
type(glob_boundary_type), intent(in) :: globBC

scheme global boundary type

real(kind=rk), intent(in) :: currState(:)

current state array to access post-collision values

type(tem_levelDesc_type), intent(in) :: levelDesc

iLevel descriptor

integer, intent(in) :: nSize

size of state array ( in terms of elements )

integer, intent(in) :: iLevel

level which invokes boundary

integer, intent(in) :: neigh(:)

global parameters

type(mus_scheme_layout_type), intent(in) :: layout

scheme layout

integer, intent(in) :: nScalars

number of Scalars in the scheme var system


This abstract interface defines the interface for bndForce calculation. calcBndForce in order to find the routine in case the interface needs to be changed.