glob_boundary_type Derived Type

type, public :: glob_boundary_type

Information about boundary elements

This derived type encapsulates the definition of a boundary with all necessary parameters and data fields


type~~glob_boundary_type~~InheritsGraph type~glob_boundary_type glob_boundary_type type~bc_elems_type bc_elems_type type~glob_boundary_type->type~bc_elems_type elemLvl type~mus_bc_corner_type mus_bc_corner_type type~glob_boundary_type->type~mus_bc_corner_type cornerBC type~grw_logical2darray_type grw_logical2darray_type type~bc_elems_type->type~grw_logical2darray_type bitmask type~grw_int2darray_type grw_int2darray_type type~bc_elems_type->type~grw_int2darray_type normal type~grw_real2darray_type grw_real2darray_type type~bc_elems_type->type~grw_real2darray_type qVal type~dyn_intarray_type dyn_intarray_type type~bc_elems_type->type~dyn_intarray_type elem type~grw_intarray_type grw_intarray_type type~bc_elems_type->type~grw_intarray_type posInBcElemBuf, normalInd type~mus_bc_corner_type->type~bc_elems_type elemLvl

Inherited by

type~~glob_boundary_type~~InheritedByGraph type~glob_boundary_type glob_boundary_type type~mus_scheme_type mus_scheme_type type~mus_scheme_type->type~glob_boundary_type globBC type~mus_varsys_solverdata_type mus_varSys_solverData_type type~mus_varsys_solverdata_type->type~mus_scheme_type scheme type~mus_varsys_data_type mus_varSys_data_type type~mus_varsys_data_type->type~mus_varsys_solverdata_type solverData



character(len=LabelLen), private :: label

name of this boundary

type(bc_elems_type), private, allocatable:: elemLvl(:)

elements list of this boundary in different refinement level size: minLevel -> maxLevel

logical, private :: treat_corner

Collect corner BC i.e elements which are interesected by multiple boundaries only for moments based BC

type(mus_bc_corner_type), private :: cornerBC

list corner boundary elements

integer, private, allocatable:: nElems(:)

number of local (this process) boundary elements per level including ghostFromCoarser. GhostFromFiner are interpolated but ghostFromCoarser needs correct boundary value in fine level sub-iteration.

integer, private, allocatable:: nElems_Fluid(:)

number of local (this process) boundary elements per level wihtout Ghost elements

integer, private, allocatable:: nElems_totalLevel(:)

number of total (total processes) boundary elements per level

integer, private :: nElems_local =0

number of local boundary elements

integer, private :: nElems_total =0

number of total boundary elements

logical, private :: hasQVal =.false.

whether this boundary requires qVal

logical, private :: qValInitialized =.false.

has qVal initialized with default qVal = 0.5

logical, private :: isWall =.false.

if this is a wall or symmetry BC (implicit treated during streaming)

integer, private :: normal(3)

Average normal direction of this boundary along layout%prevailDir Normal in elemLvl is normal direction per element and this is normal per boundary

integer, private :: normalInd

which is the index in the stencil corresponding to the normal vector?