mus_construct_connectivity Subroutine

public subroutine mus_construct_connectivity(neigh, nSize, nElems, levelDesc, stencil, varSys, stateVarMap)

Construct the propagation list for each element of 1st field.

the bounce back rules have to be applied here

Create connectivity array for one field such that it points to poisition of 1st Field in state array and use macro NGOFFSET to access other field states.


integer, intent(out) :: neigh(:)

connectivity array

integer, intent(in) :: nSize

number of elements in state array

integer, intent(in) :: nElems

number of elements in local partition

type(tem_levelDesc_type), intent(in) :: levelDesc

current level description

type(tem_stencilHeader_type), intent(in) :: stencil

fluid stencil

type(tem_varSys_type), intent(in) :: varSys

global variable system

type(tem_varMap_type), intent(in) :: stateVarMap

state varMap

Called by

proc~~mus_construct_connectivity~~CalledByGraph proc~mus_construct_connectivity mus_construct_connectivity proc~mus_construct mus_construct proc~mus_construct->proc~mus_construct_connectivity proc~mus_initialize mus_initialize proc~mus_initialize->proc~mus_construct program~mus_harvesting mus_harvesting program~mus_harvesting->proc~mus_construct proc~mus_perform_dynloadbal mus_perform_dynLoadBal proc~mus_perform_dynloadbal->proc~mus_construct none~do_balance do_balance none~do_balance->proc~mus_perform_dynloadbal program~musubi musubi program~musubi->proc~mus_initialize proc~mus_solve mus_solve proc~mus_solve->none~do_balance



integer, private :: iElem
integer, private :: iDir
integer, private :: zeroPos
integer, private :: nghDir
integer, private :: GetFromDir
integer, private :: GetFromPos
integer, private :: neighPos
integer, private :: sourceDir
integer, private :: stateVarPos(stencil%QQ)
integer(kind=long_k), private :: neighProp
integer(kind=long_k), private :: elemProp
logical, private :: missing_neigh_for_nonghost
logical, private :: solidified