mus_inamuroIni Subroutine

private subroutine mus_inamuroIni(me, IBMData, state, globTree, stencil, stencilPos, levelDesc, globSys, pdfPos, iLevel, convFac)

This subroutine fills the initial force, initial velocity, predef. velocity array for the surface points Xk as well as the velocity array for the neighbors.

!$omp single

!$omp end single


type(mus_IBM_type), intent(in) :: me

datatype to store the surface information

type(mus_IBM_tmpData_type), intent(inout) :: IBMData

tmp IBMData type to be filled

real(kind=rk), intent(in) :: state(:)

the state array holding the pdfs

type(treelmesh_type), intent(in) :: globTree

global tree information

type(tem_stencilHeader_type), intent(in) :: stencil(:)

stencil used by the IBM

integer, intent(in) :: stencilPos

position of the IBM stencil

type(tem_levelDesc_type), intent(in) :: levelDesc

level descriptor incl. ghost and fluid elements

type(tem_varSys_type) :: globSys

global variable system of the current scheme

integer :: pdfPos

position of the velocity in the global variable system

integer :: iLevel

the current level

type(mus_convertFac_type), intent(in) :: convFac

conversion factors


proc~~mus_inamuroini~~CallsGraph proc~mus_inamuroini mus_inamuroIni interface~append~4 append proc~mus_inamuroini->interface~append~4 interface~getvelocity getVelocity proc~mus_inamuroini->interface~getvelocity proc~inamurodelta3d inamuroDelta3D proc~mus_inamuroini->proc~inamurodelta3d proc~tem_baryofid tem_BaryOfId proc~mus_inamuroini->proc~tem_baryofid proc~getvelocity_forelemfromstate_noforce getVelocity_forElemFromState_noForce interface~getvelocity->proc~getvelocity_forelemfromstate_noforce proc~getvelocity_forpdfsubset getVelocity_forPdfSubset interface~getvelocity->proc~getvelocity_forpdfsubset

Called by

proc~~mus_inamuroini~~CalledByGraph proc~mus_inamuroini mus_inamuroIni proc~mus_inamuro_ibm mus_inamuro_IBM proc~mus_inamuro_ibm->proc~mus_inamuroini proc~do_fast_singlelevel do_fast_singleLevel proc~do_fast_singlelevel->proc~mus_inamuro_ibm



integer, private :: iPoint
integer, private :: iNeigh
integer, private :: iDir
real(kind=rk), private :: pos(1,3)
real(kind=rk), private :: bary(3)
integer, private :: neighPos
integer, private :: neighPos_X
integer, private :: minPos
integer, private :: maxPos
integer, private :: minNeigh
integer, private :: maxNeigh