mus_intpVel_Xk Subroutine

private subroutine mus_intpVel_Xk(IBMData, nNeighs, convFac, nPoints, parentIDs, nElems_fluid)

This subroutine interpolates the velocity values using the velocity on Xk. (neighbors). (Inamuro paper: step 3, correct u_l(X_k))

!$omp end single


type(mus_IBM_tmpData_type), intent(inout) :: IBMData

tmp IBMData type to be filled

integer, intent(in) :: nNeighs

the number of neighbors for the surface points

type(mus_convertFac_type), intent(in) :: convFac

conversion factors

integer, intent(in) :: nPoints

number of points

integer, intent(in) :: parentIDs(:)

array of parentID positions hosting the lagrangian points

integer, intent(in) :: nElems_fluid

number of fluid elements on this process

Called by

proc~~mus_intpvel_xk~~CalledByGraph proc~mus_intpvel_xk mus_intpVel_Xk proc~mus_inamuro_ibm mus_inamuro_IBM proc~mus_inamuro_ibm->proc~mus_intpvel_xk proc~do_fast_singlelevel do_fast_singleLevel proc~do_fast_singlelevel->proc~mus_inamuro_ibm



integer, private :: iPoint
integer, private :: iNeigh
integer, private :: minNeigh
integer, private :: maxNeigh
integer, private :: minPos
integer, private :: maxPos
integer, private :: neighPos_X

!$omp single