mus_geomIncrHead_type Derived Type

type, public :: mus_geomIncrHead_type


type~~mus_geomincrhead_type~~InheritsGraph type~mus_geomincrhead_type mus_geomIncrHead_type type~tem_timecontrol_type tem_timeControl_type type~mus_geomincrhead_type->type~tem_timecontrol_type timeControl

Inherited by

type~~mus_geomincrhead_type~~InheritedByGraph type~mus_geomincrhead_type mus_geomIncrHead_type type~mus_geom_type mus_geom_type type~mus_geom_type->type~mus_geomincrhead_type geomIncr



Type Visibility Attributes Name Initial
logical, public :: active = .false.
logical, public :: solidify = .false.
logical, public :: fluidify = .false.
logical, public :: proximity = .false.
type(tem_timeControl_type), public :: timeControl
character(len=labelLen), public :: cond_varName

Name of the variable defined for condition varname in config file. Variable refered should return 0 for if condition is false and If there are more than one condition variable required then they must be combined via variable definitions in config file.

integer, public :: cond_varPos

Position of variable defined for the condition varname in the varSys