Build and run Seeder

Generate a geometry

Seeder relies mainly on STL files for geometry descriptions. Use your preferred tool to generate the geometry you want to create a mesh for. Most CAD applications allow you to export geometry in the STL format, but also other 3D modelling tools like for example Blender provide you with that option.

Build and run Seeder

  • Checkout: hg clone

    this will get you the repository including sub-repos aotus and treelm in the directory seeder.

  • Note: You need MPI in order to compile the application. Set the environment variable FC to point to the MPI compiler wrapper:

    export FC=mpif90

After that you can build and run Seeder. There are some further tutorials available to illustrate the usage of Seeder.

Here is a very quick basic run through:

  • Configure ./waf configure
  • Build ./waf build
  • Create a mesh directory in your working path: mkdir mesh
  • Create a debug directory in your working path: mkdir debug
  • Change settings in input/config.lua. Specify the STL file(s) and set the min and max tree levels.
  • Run build/seeder input/config.lua
  • The generated mesh is found in the mesh/ directory after the successful execution of Seeder