my_status_int Function

public function my_status_int(key, info, def) result(val)

Read out the first integer in the line matched by the specified key in the text provided by print_self_status. The key should include all text in front of the integer. For example the peak memory consumption up to now could be extracted with: peakval = my_status_int('VmPeak:') If the key is not found 0 or the optionally defined value in def will be returned.

info can be used to change the input that should be read, it defaults to '/proc/self/status'.


character(len=*), intent(in) :: key
character(len=*), intent(in), optional :: info
integer, intent(in), optional :: def

Return Value integer


proc~~my_status_int~~CallsGraph proc~my_status_int my_status_int proc~my_status_string my_status_string proc~my_status_int->proc~my_status_string proc~print_self_status print_self_status proc~my_status_string->proc~print_self_status proc~newunit newunit proc~my_status_string->proc~newunit proc~print_self_status->proc~newunit

Called by

proc~~my_status_int~~CalledByGraph proc~my_status_int my_status_int proc~tem_trackmem tem_trackmem proc~tem_trackmem->proc~my_status_int proc~tem_global_vmhwm tem_global_vmhwm proc~tem_global_vmhwm->proc~my_status_int



character(len=labelLen), private :: vstring