tem_color_prop_out Subroutine

public subroutine tem_color_prop_out(me, offset, nElems, basename, myPart, comm)

Write the color property to disk.


type(tem_color_prop_type), intent(out) :: me

Color definitions to load.

integer(kind=long_k), intent(in) :: offset

Offset of the local set of elements in the global list

integer, intent(in) :: nElems

Local number of elements with this property

character(len=*), intent(in) :: basename

Name of the file, the data is stored in, will be appended with ".lua" for the header information and ".lsb" or ".msb" for the binary data. An ".ascii" extension will be used for ASCII data.

integer, intent(in) :: myPart

Partition to load

integer, intent(in) :: comm

Communicator to use


proc~~tem_color_prop_out~~CallsGraph proc~tem_color_prop_out tem_color_prop_out proc~tem_open tem_open proc~tem_color_prop_out->proc~tem_open proc~aot_out_open_table aot_out_open_table proc~tem_color_prop_out->proc~aot_out_open_table proc~aot_out_close aot_out_close proc~tem_color_prop_out->proc~aot_out_close interface~aot_out_val aot_out_val proc~tem_color_prop_out->interface~aot_out_val proc~aot_out_open aot_out_open proc~tem_color_prop_out->proc~aot_out_open proc~aot_out_close_table aot_out_close_table proc~tem_color_prop_out->proc~aot_out_close_table proc~upper_to_lower upper_to_lower proc~tem_open->proc~upper_to_lower proc~tem_abort tem_abort proc~tem_open->proc~tem_abort proc~newunit newunit proc~tem_open->proc~newunit mpi_abort mpi_abort proc~tem_abort->mpi_abort



type(aot_out_type), private :: conf
integer, private :: locomm
integer, private :: root
integer, private :: rl
integer, private :: fUnit
integer, private :: i
character(len=pathLen), private :: headerfile
character(len=pathLen), private :: datafile