tem_load_debug Subroutine

public subroutine tem_load_debug(me, conf, rank)

Read the debug configuration into the debug type 'me' The debug definition is placed in the main level of the musubi.lua file It can look like

 debug = {
         debugMode = true,        -- default= false
         -- Use a logging object to track output in individual files.
         -- The output messages to this logging object are usually
         -- generated by tem_debug calls.
         logging = { level = 1, -- how detailed should the log be?
                     filename = 'dbg', -- to which file to write the log
                     root_only = .false. } -- should only root write msgs?

         debugFiles = true,       -- default= false
         -- What to dump into debugFiles? --
          dumpTreeIDs = true,      -- default= false
          dumpPropBits = true,     -- default= false
          dumpAuxLists = true,     -- default= false
          dumpDependencies = true, -- default= false
          dumpState = true,        -- default= false
          dumpHaloState = true,    -- default= false
         --  end debugFiles  --
         debugDependencies = true, -- default= false
         checkDependencies = true, -- default= false
         checkNans = true,         -- default= false
         checkSteps = true,        -- default= false
         debugMesh = 'dbg/mesh_',  -- default= ''
         debugSource = true,       -- default= false
         debugRestart = true,      -- default= false
         traceMemory = true,       -- default= false

Possible Options are - active = {true, false}\n activate or deactivate the complete debug mode. If deactivated, all subsequent definitions are ignored

     use tem_debug_module, only: dbgUnit
  • tem_write_debugMesh = {true, false}
  • unit = {integer} debug unit to write to
  • checkEachAlgorithmicStep = {true, false} output debug output after each step in compute
  • dumpLevelwiseState = {true, false} write element state information to the debugFiles
  • dumpHaloState = {true, false} write halo state information to the debugFiles
  • tem_dumpTreeIDlists = {true, false} write all the treeIDs fluid, ghost, halo for each level in a nice way to the debug files
  • dumpPropBits = {true, false} write all the property bits to disk for all elements
  • dumpDependencies = {true, false} write the dependencies of the ghost elements to disk
  • checkDependencies = {true, false} check if the dependencies are correct by cross checking
  • dumpAuxLists = {true, false} write the auxiliary lists to the debug file, such as boundary element lists
  • dumpState = {true, false} write the contents of the state vectors to the debug file for all the elements of a process
  • dumpSource = {true, false} write out source debug statements to debug unit
  • dumpRestart = {true, false} write out restart debug info
  • traceMemory = {true, false} trace memory consumption
  • checkNaNs = {true, false} check the state array for NaNs


type(tem_debug_type) :: me

debug type to store information

type(flu_State) :: conf

lua state

integer, intent(in) :: rank

Rank of the calling process


proc~~tem_load_debug~~CallsGraph proc~tem_load_debug tem_load_debug interface~aot_get_val aot_get_val proc~tem_load_debug->interface~aot_get_val proc~tem_horizontalspacer tem_horizontalSpacer proc~tem_load_debug->proc~tem_horizontalspacer proc~tem_logging_load tem_logging_load proc~tem_load_debug->proc~tem_logging_load interface~tem_logging_init tem_logging_init proc~tem_load_debug->interface~tem_logging_init proc~aot_table_open aot_table_open proc~tem_load_debug->proc~aot_table_open proc~aot_table_close aot_table_close proc~tem_load_debug->proc~aot_table_close interface~aot_get_val~2 aot_get_val proc~tem_logging_load->interface~aot_get_val~2 proc~tem_logging_init_logger tem_logging_init_logger proc~tem_logging_load->proc~tem_logging_init_logger proc~tem_logging_init_primary tem_logging_init_primary proc~tem_logging_load->proc~tem_logging_init_primary interface~tem_logging_init->proc~tem_logging_init_logger interface~tem_logging_init->proc~tem_logging_init_primary proc~newunit newunit proc~tem_logging_init_logger->proc~newunit proc~tem_connect_tonull tem_connect_toNull proc~tem_logging_init_logger->proc~tem_connect_tonull proc~tem_logging_init_primary->proc~tem_logging_init_logger proc~tem_connect_tonull->proc~newunit

Called by

proc~~tem_load_debug~~CalledByGraph proc~tem_load_debug tem_load_debug proc~tem_debug_load_main tem_debug_load_main proc~tem_debug_load_main->proc~tem_load_debug



integer, private :: myrank
integer, private :: tc_handle
integer, private :: log_tab
integer, private :: iError