tem_debug_type Derived Type

type, public :: tem_debug_type

Debug option definitions


type~~tem_debug_type~~InheritsGraph type~tem_debug_type tem_debug_type type~tem_logging_type tem_logging_type type~tem_debug_type->type~tem_logging_type logger



logical, private :: active =.false.

debug mode activated?

logical, private :: debugFiles =.false.

open separate file for each process

character(len=PathLen), private :: debugMesh

folder to store the debug mesh

integer, private :: unit =-1

unit to write in

logical, private :: checkEachAlgorithmicStep =.false.

output debug output after each step in compute

logical, private :: dumpLevelwiseState =.false.

write element state information to the debugFiles

logical, private :: dumpHaloState =.false.

write halo state information to the debugFiles

logical, private :: dumpTreeIDlists =.false.

write all the required and generated treeIDs in a level-wise manner to the debug file this includes fluid, ghost and halo elements and can serve as a detailed debug output

logical, private :: dumpPropBits =.false.

write all the property bits to disk for all elements

logical, private :: dumpDependencies =.false.

write all dependencies of ghost elements to disk

logical, private :: debugDependencies =.false.

write all dependencies of ghost elements to disk

logical, private :: checkDependencies =.false.

check if the dependencies are correct by cross checking

logical, private :: dumpAuxLists =.false.

write auxiliary lists to disk such as boundary element lists

logical, private :: unitTests =.false.
logical, private :: dumpSource =.false.

write out source debug statements to debug unit

logical, private :: debugRestart =.false.

write out restart debug info

logical, private :: traceMemory =.false.

trace memory consumption

logical, private :: checkNaNs =.false.

Check the state array for NaNs

logical, private :: dumpBoundaries =.false.

Dump boundary elements information

type(tem_logging_type), private :: logger

A logger to describe the output capabilities of this debug object.