hvs_vtk_config_type Derived Type

type, public :: hvs_vtk_config_type

Configuration of the VTK output.

These are the settings, that can be configured by the user with respect to the VTK output.

Inherited by

type~~hvs_vtk_config_type~~InheritedByGraph type~hvs_vtk_config_type hvs_vtk_config_type type~hvs_output_config_type hvs_output_config_type type~hvs_output_config_type->type~hvs_vtk_config_type vtk type~tem_tracking_config_type tem_tracking_config_type type~tem_tracking_config_type->type~hvs_output_config_type output_config type~tem_tracking_type tem_tracking_type type~tem_tracking_type->type~tem_tracking_config_type config



character(len=labelLen), public :: dataform

Format in which the data is present (either 'ascii' or 'binary')

logical, public :: iter_filename

If a timestep output is done, the filename can either be built with the simulation time or the iteration.

If this flag is set to true, iterations will be used, otherwise the simulation time (which is the default).

logical, public :: write_pvd

Flag to decided whether to write pvd file or not. Default is true.