hvs_vtk_file_type Derived Type

type, public :: hvs_vtk_file_type

Description of the opened files for VTK output.

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type~~hvs_vtk_file_type~~InheritedByGraph type~hvs_vtk_file_type hvs_vtk_file_type type~hvs_output_file_type hvs_output_file_type type~hvs_output_file_type->type~hvs_vtk_file_type vtk type~tem_tracking_instance_type tem_tracking_instance_type type~tem_tracking_instance_type->type~hvs_output_file_type output_file type~tem_tracking_type tem_tracking_type type~tem_tracking_type->type~tem_tracking_instance_type instance



integer, public :: outunit

File handle for the vtu file with the data.

integer, public :: punit

Filehandle for the pvtu file for partitioned vtu data.

integer, public :: pvdunit

Filehandle for the pvd file for time-series output

character(len=pathLen), public :: basename

Basename of the VTK files to write

character(len=pathLen), public :: last_opened_file

Name of the last opened file on this process

If there is a pvtu written by the root process, the root process will store the name of the pvtu file here. Otherwise it contains the name of the vtu file.

character(len=labelLen), public :: timestamp

Timestamp to construct the filename

character(len=labelLen), public :: dataform

Format in which the data is present (either 'ascii' or 'binary') todo: maybe remove this and use binary always?

logical, public :: write_pvtu

Flag to indicate, whether this process has to write the pvtu file.

logical, public :: has_celldata =.false.

Indicator, wether celldata has been written to the VTK file.

If true, the finalization will write a closing celldata tag.

logical, public :: write_pvd

Flag to decided whether to write pvd file or not.

integer, public :: vtx_per_Elem =8

number of vortices per Element depending on CellType check vtk-manual for more informations

integer, public :: CellType =11

cell type used in VTK file 11 = voxel 8 = Pixel 4 = Poly_line 3 = Line