ic_gausspulse_type Derived Type

type, public :: ic_gausspulse_type

This type contains datas to define gauss pulse

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type~~ic_gausspulse_type~~InheritedByGraph type~ic_gausspulse_type ic_gausspulse_type type~tem_spatial_type tem_spatial_type type~tem_spatial_type->type~ic_gausspulse_type gausspulse type~tem_ini_condition_type tem_ini_condition_type type~tem_ini_condition_type->type~tem_spatial_type ini_state type~tem_spacetime_fun_type tem_spacetime_fun_type type~tem_spacetime_fun_type->type~tem_spatial_type spatial type~tem_st_fun_listelem_type tem_st_fun_listElem_type type~tem_st_fun_listelem_type->type~tem_spacetime_fun_type val type~tem_st_fun_listelem_type->type~tem_st_fun_listelem_type next type~tem_variable_type tem_variable_type type~tem_variable_type->type~tem_spacetime_fun_type st_fun type~tem_st_fun_linkedlist_type tem_st_fun_linkedList_type type~tem_st_fun_linkedlist_type->type~tem_st_fun_listelem_type head


Source Code


Type Visibility Attributes Name Initial
real(kind=rk), public :: center(3)

Gauss pulse center

real(kind=rk), public :: halfwidth

half width of gauss pulse from center

real(kind=rk), public :: amplitude

height or magnitude of gauss pulse

real(kind=rk), public :: background

reference value. In case of density, it is reference density

real(kind=rk), public :: dx

spatial step size

real(kind=rk), public :: dt

time step size

Source Code

  type ic_gausspulse_type
    !> Gauss pulse center
    real(kind=rk) :: center(3)
    !> half width of gauss pulse from center
    real(kind=rk) :: halfwidth
    !> height or magnitude of gauss pulse
    real(kind=rk) :: amplitude
    !> reference value. In case of density, it is reference density
    real(kind=rk) :: background
    !> spatial step size
    real(kind=rk) :: dx
    !> time step size
    real(kind=rk) :: dt
  end type ic_gausspulse_type