tem_polygon_movement_type Derived Type

type, private :: tem_polygon_movement_type

Type to store information regarding the movement of the polygon

Inherited by

type~~tem_polygon_movement_type~~InheritedByGraph type~tem_polygon_movement_type tem_polygon_movement_type type~tem_polygon_material_type tem_polygon_material_type type~tem_polygon_material_type->type~tem_polygon_movement_type moving type~tem_spatial_type tem_spatial_type type~tem_spatial_type->type~tem_polygon_material_type polygon_material type~tem_spacetime_fun_type tem_spacetime_fun_type type~tem_spacetime_fun_type->type~tem_polygon_material_type polygon_material type~tem_spacetime_fun_type->type~tem_spatial_type spatial type~tem_st_fun_listelem_type tem_st_fun_listElem_type type~tem_st_fun_listelem_type->type~tem_spacetime_fun_type val type~tem_st_fun_listelem_type->type~tem_st_fun_listelem_type next type~tem_ini_condition_type tem_ini_condition_type type~tem_ini_condition_type->type~tem_spatial_type ini_state type~tem_variable_type tem_variable_type type~tem_variable_type->type~tem_spacetime_fun_type st_fun type~tem_st_fun_linkedlist_type tem_st_fun_linkedList_type type~tem_st_fun_linkedlist_type->type~tem_st_fun_listelem_type head



real(kind=rk), private, allocatable:: lin_parameter(:)

Linear movement of the polygon Include the values for the velocity, the first entry is the velocity in X direction, de second in Y The third one is the Z component of the velocity

real(kind=rk), private, allocatable:: sin_parameter(:)

Move the polygon with a sine fuction First and second entry belong to X direction and are the amplitude and the frequency. The third and forth entry are the devoted to the Y direction, for amplitude and the frequency respectivly.

real(kind=rk), private, allocatable:: rot_parameter(:)

Rotation of the polygon the first two entries belong to the directions, the first entry is the rot pointX and the second entry the rot pointY ) the third one is the rot_speed omega

real(kind=rk), private, allocatable:: angle_parameter(:)

chaning the angle of attack for airfoild with a sinus the first entry is the phase shift (y), the second is the amplitude and the third one is the angular velocity (omega)

character(len=labellen), private :: movement_kind

Kind of movement