aot_path_node_type Derived Type

type, private :: aot_path_node_type

This data structure describes a node in the path through nested tables.

Inherited by

type~~aot_path_node_type~~InheritedByGraph type~aot_path_node_type aot_path_node_type type~aot_path_node_type->type~aot_path_node_type child type~aot_path_type aot_path_type type~aot_path_type->type~aot_path_node_type GlobalNode, head



Type Visibility Attributes Name Initial
character(len=16), public :: NodeType

What type of node is this? Currently supported are function and table

character(len=16), public :: ID_kind

How to look up this node, by key or position?

character(len=80), public :: key

Identifying key

integer, public :: pos

Identifying position

type(aot_path_node_type), public, pointer :: child => NULL()

Link to possible child of this node