aot_path_type Derived Type

type, public :: aot_path_type

This type is the main data structure of the module and describes the path.

It contains a linked list of all nodes, as well as the name of the Lua script where this path is recorded in.


type~~aot_path_type~~InheritsGraph type~aot_path_type aot_path_type type~aot_path_node_type aot_path_node_type type~aot_path_type->type~aot_path_node_type GlobalNode, head type~aot_path_node_type->type~aot_path_node_type child



Type Visibility Attributes Name Initial
character(len=256), private :: LuaFilename

Name of the file where this path object is found in.

integer, private :: rootHandle

Handle to the topmost table opened for the path.

type(aot_path_node_type), private, pointer :: GlobalNode => NULL()

Entry level of the path on the global scope of the Lua script.

type(aot_path_node_type), private, pointer :: head => NULL()

Moving head through the linked list of path nodes.