mus_intpAuxFieldFinerAndExchange Subroutine

public subroutine mus_intpAuxFieldFinerAndExchange(intp, tAuxField, sAuxField, tLevelDesc, stencil, iLevel, nAuxScalars, general)

This routine interpolate auxField variable for ghostFromCoarser and exchange halos


Type IntentOptional Attributes Name
type(mus_interpolation_type), intent(inout) :: intp

Interpolation type

type(mus_auxFieldVar_type), intent(inout) :: tAuxField

target auxilary field array

type(mus_auxFieldVar_type), intent(in) :: sAuxField

source auxilary field array

type(tem_levelDesc_type), intent(in) :: tLevelDesc

level descriptor on target level

type(tem_stencilHeader_type), intent(in) :: stencil

stencil header

integer, intent(in) :: iLevel

current level

integer, intent(in) :: nAuxScalars

number of scalars to interpolate

type(tem_general_type), intent(in) :: general

contains commPattern, MPI communicator and simControl