set_halo_commLinks Subroutine

private subroutine set_halo_commLinks(scheme, minLevel, maxLevel, nBCs, comm_reduced, haloRequired)

Select the halo elements which require all links

Determine which pdfs to communicate


type(mus_scheme_type), intent(in) :: scheme

scheme information including fluid, boundary and flow information

integer, intent(in) :: minLevel

Global information

integer, intent(in) :: maxLevel

Global information

integer, intent(in) :: nBCs

Global information

logical, intent(in) :: comm_reduced

reduced communication

type(logical_array_type), intent(inout), allocatable:: haloRequired(:)


proc~~set_halo_commlinks~~CallsGraph proc~set_halo_commlinks set_halo_commLinks none~set_requiredlink set_requiredLink proc~set_halo_commlinks->none~set_requiredlink

Called by

proc~~set_halo_commlinks~~CalledByGraph proc~set_halo_commlinks set_halo_commLinks proc~mus_construct mus_construct proc~mus_construct->proc~set_halo_commlinks proc~mus_initialize mus_initialize proc~mus_initialize->proc~mus_construct program~mus_harvesting mus_harvesting program~mus_harvesting->proc~mus_construct proc~mus_perform_dynloadbal mus_perform_dynLoadBal proc~mus_perform_dynloadbal->proc~mus_construct none~do_balance do_balance none~do_balance->proc~mus_perform_dynloadbal program~musubi musubi program~musubi->proc~mus_initialize proc~mus_solve mus_solve proc~mus_solve->none~do_balance



integer, private :: iElem
integer, private :: iLevel
integer, private :: iSourceElem
integer, private :: iBnd
integer, private :: iField
integer, private :: iNeigh
integer, private :: iProc
integer, private :: targetElem
integer, private :: sourceElem
integer, private :: targetLevel
integer, private :: sourceLevel
integer, private :: nSourceElems
integer, private :: elemPos
integer, private :: haloOffset


subroutine set_requiredLink(haloElem, offset, linkField)

set haloRequired link to true


integer, intent(in) :: haloElem

halo element position in the state array

integer, intent(in) :: offset

halo element offset in the state array nr. of elements in state array before halo elements

logical, intent(inout) :: linkField(:)

halo required array used in init_recvBuffers to reduce communication links