mus_mixture_type Derived Type

type, public :: mus_mixture_type

This type contains mixture information


type~~mus_mixture_type~~InheritsGraph type~mus_mixture_type mus_mixture_type type~tem_temporal_type tem_temporal_type type~mus_mixture_type->type~tem_temporal_type omega_ramping type~mixrelaxation_type mixRelaxation_type type~mus_mixture_type->type~mixrelaxation_type relaxLvl type~tem_ini_condition_type tem_ini_condition_type type~mus_mixture_type->type~tem_ini_condition_type ic type~tem_spatial_type tem_spatial_type type~mus_mixture_type->type~tem_spatial_type viscSpatial

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type~~mus_mixture_type~~InheritedByGraph type~mus_mixture_type mus_mixture_type type~mus_scheme_type mus_scheme_type type~mus_scheme_type->type~mus_mixture_type mixture type~mus_varsys_solverdata_type mus_varSys_solverData_type type~mus_varsys_solverdata_type->type~mus_scheme_type scheme type~mus_varsys_data_type mus_varSys_data_type type~mus_varsys_data_type->type~mus_varsys_solverdata_type solverData



type(tem_ini_condition_type), private :: ic

initialization case, initial condition of the mixture

real(kind=rk), private :: rho0

mass density of the mixture SI unit: kg/m^3. Physics to lattice conversion: rho0/physics%rho0

real(kind=rk), private :: rho0LB

lattice mass density of the mixture

real(kind=rk), private :: moleDens0

number density of the mixture or total mixture molar density SI unit: mol/m^3. physics to lattice conversion: nT0/physics%mol*physics%fac(minlevel)%length^3. mixture molar density is required if initial condition are defined by molar fraction. set only if initial molefraction is space independent

real(kind=rk), private :: moleDens0LB

lattice number density of the mixture or total mixture molar density physics to lattice conversion: moleDens0/physics%mol*physics%fac(minlevel)%length^3.

real(kind=rk), private :: kine_viscosityLB

lattice kinematic shear viscosity of the mixture

real(kind=rk), private :: kine_viscosity

physical kinematic shear viscosity of the mixture

real(kind=rk), private :: bulk_viscosityLB

lattice bulk viscosity

real(kind=rk), private :: bulk_viscosity

physical bulk viscosity

real(kind=rk), private :: bulk_modulusLB

lattice bulk modulus of the liquid mixture , - speed of sound (in lattice unit: \f$ 1/\sqrt{3} \f$

real(kind=rk), private :: omega_diff

relaxation parameter, , B - free parameter unit same as resistivity

real(kind=rk), private :: omega_kine
real(kind=rk), private :: omega_hom

omega for higher order moments

type(mixRelaxation_type), private :: relaxLvl(globalMaxLevels)

relaxation parameters for each level

type(tem_temporal_type), private :: omega_ramping

temporal omega for ramping etc.

real(kind=rk), private :: paramB

free parameter \f$ B = \omega*\rho/K \f$

real(kind=rk), private :: temp0


real(kind=rk), private :: temp0LB


real(kind=rk), private :: theta_eq

equilibrium theta to choose between mixture velocity and equilibrium species velocity in the quadratic term equilibrium function. theta = 0 -> mixture velocity theta = 1 -> equilibrium species velocity \todo KM: remove theta_eq and use mixture velocity in quadratic term of equilibrium function

type(tem_spatial_type), private :: viscSpatial

spatial omega definition, e.g. for sponge layers

real(kind=rk), private :: electricField(3)

external electrical force

real(kind=rk), private :: gravityField(3)

gravitational force

real(kind=rk), private :: faraday

faraday constant(C/mol)

real(kind=rk), private :: faradayLB

faraday constant in lattice

real(kind=rk), private :: gasConst_R

gas constant R (Nm/(mol *K))

real(kind=rk), private :: gasConst_R_LB

gas constant R in lattice

character(kind=c_char,len=labelLen), private :: prop_file

eNRTL file with species properties

real(kind=rk), private :: atm_press

atmospheric pressure

real(kind=rk), private :: atm_pressLB

atmospheric pressure