mus_nNwtn_type Derived Type

type, public :: mus_nNwtn_type

The nonNewtonian fluid feature description type

This date type gathers related parameters of a nonNewtonian fluid.


type~~mus_nnwtn_type~~InheritsGraph type~mus_nnwtn_type mus_nNwtn_type type~mus_nnwtn_cy_type mus_nNwtn_CY_type type~mus_nnwtn_type->type~mus_nnwtn_cy_type CY type~mus_nnwtn_cs_type mus_nNwtn_CS_type type~mus_nnwtn_type->type~mus_nnwtn_cs_type CS type~mus_nnwtn_pl_type mus_nNwtn_PL_type type~mus_nnwtn_type->type~mus_nnwtn_pl_type PL

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type~~mus_nnwtn_type~~InheritedByGraph type~mus_nnwtn_type mus_nNwtn_type type~mus_fluid_type mus_fluid_type type~mus_fluid_type->type~mus_nnwtn_type nNwtn type~mus_field_prop_type mus_field_prop_type type~mus_field_prop_type->type~mus_fluid_type fluid type~mus_field_type mus_field_type type~mus_field_type->type~mus_field_prop_type fieldProp type~mus_scheme_type mus_scheme_type type~mus_scheme_type->type~mus_field_type field



logical, private :: active =.false.

Indicator whether nonNewtonian feature is active maybe not useful. schemeHeader%kind can used to check if nNwtn is active

character(len=labellen), private :: label

nonNewtonian fluid model label

integer, private :: model

nonNewtonian fluid model identifier

type(mus_nNwtn_PL_type), private :: PL

Power Law (PL) model type

type(mus_nNwtn_CY_type), private :: CY

Carreau-Yasuda (CY) model type

type(mus_nNwtn_CS_type), private :: CS

Casson model type

procedure(proc_calc_nNwtn_visc_fromPreColPDF), private, pointer:: calcVisc=> null()

this procedure compute kinematic viscosity in lattice unit on current level from preCollision PDF based on non-Newtonian model. It uses shear-rate to compute viscosity. Non-newtonian model is given in dynamic viscosity in physical unit so it is dimensionalized using viscDyna in physics%fac and lattice kinematic viscosity = lattice dynamic viscosity / rho (local density) for compressible model and lattice kinematic viscosity = lattice dynamic viscosity / rho0 for incompressible model.