mus_source_elems_type Derived Type

type, private :: mus_source_elems_type

Contains source elements position in state array and idx to access data variable refered in config file. This type is defined for each level


type~~mus_source_elems_type~~InheritsGraph type~mus_source_elems_type mus_source_elems_type type~mus_absorblayer_dynavg_type mus_absorbLayer_dynAvg_type type~mus_source_elems_type->type~mus_absorblayer_dynavg_type dynAvg type~mus_hrrcorrectionterm_type mus_HRRCorrectionTerm_type type~mus_source_elems_type->type~mus_hrrcorrectionterm_type HRR_Corr

Inherited by

type~~mus_source_elems_type~~InheritedByGraph type~mus_source_elems_type mus_source_elems_type type~mus_source_op_type mus_source_op_type type~mus_source_op_type->type~mus_source_elems_type elemLvl type~mus_source_type mus_source_type type~mus_source_type->type~mus_source_op_type method type~mus_field_type mus_field_type type~mus_field_type->type~mus_source_type source type~mus_scheme_type mus_scheme_type type~mus_scheme_type->type~mus_source_type globSrc type~mus_scheme_type->type~mus_field_type field type~mus_varsys_solverdata_type mus_varSys_solverData_type type~mus_varsys_solverdata_type->type~mus_scheme_type scheme



integer, private :: nElems

Number of source elements on this level. nFluids + nGhosts

integer, private, allocatable:: posInTotal(:)

Position of elements in state array to apply source terms. Position in state array is same as position in total list Size: nElems

integer, private, allocatable:: idx(:)

Index to access point data type to retrieve values from variable refered for source variable

type(mus_absorbLayer_dynAvg_type), private :: dynAvg

source field value obtained from ST_fun data variable. Filled only for elements where source is active i.e. elements in posInTotal. size: nElems*nComponents \todo KM: might be not neccessary Contains time average values of density and velocity for dynamic absorblayer. \todo KM: 02042021 Introduce method_data c_ptr and point to dynAvg for absorbLayer and change intent(inout) to intent(in) in proc_addSrcToAuxField.

type(mus_HRRCorrectionTerm_type), private :: HRR_Corr